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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Dubravka Šuica: This is Not a Lost Generation, Young People Should Be Given a Chance!

- This is not a lost generation; this is a generation of highly educated, informed youth. They only need to be given a chance, said MEP Dubravka Šuica during the debate in the European Parliament on Implementation of the EU youth strategy 2010-2012 - Tackling youth unemployment: possible ways out.

On this occasion Dubravka Šuica out that the EPP network received various proposals for youth, among others, proposed options for reducing taxes for companies that hire those under the age of 30, the proposed introduction of practical work during schooling, and the initiative for the harmonization of legislation in all Member States in order to increase investment and thus employment.

The entire video of the debate Dubravka Suica here.

Watch the entire debate in the European Parliament on the topic: Implementation of the EU youth strategy 2010-2012 - Tackling youth unemployment: possible ways out – here.  

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